Tired of feeling restricted & uncomfortable in your body? 

Always starting over on Monday, restricting your favorite foods, working out feels like a chore, and you're ready to try something different? 

YES, I'm tired of feeling this way!

I'm Noël!

Most would see me as a perky, personal trainer who helps people lose weight and doesn't understand how hard it is to ACTUALLY change your habits.  But in reality, I was where you are right now. 

Thinking I could never have a body I feel comfortable in AND a life I enjoyed living. I tried every quick fix diet, hating myself skinny, stopped eating the sweets I enjoyed so much, and still ended up gaining the weight back thinking it was MY FAULT because I wasn't disciplined enough. 

But now I know it's not because we're not disciplined enough. It's because we've been trying to stick to habits that don't actually work and make us feel like shit.

So let's break free from what we "think healthy should look like" and start living a life we LOVE and create habits that support that. 

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence so that you can thrive shamelessly. 

It's time to live the life you deserve.




Learn how to disconnect from what you think "healthy" is and tune in to what is healthy FOR YOU. I'll teach you how to:

  • reset your mind and body so you can be open/able to find the habits that are best for you
  • connect with your body through finding movements you enjoy
  • align your mindset with the life you WANT to live

It’s time to actually feel good in your body, love what you're eating/doing and create habits you enjoy so you can maintain it. 

If you want to COMPLETELY change your life, habits, and mindset and want something more personalized than a course, I have the Complete Habit Reset - 1:1 Coaching for women who need a more hands on approach with extra accountability to get them moving towards their balanced life. 

Monday - Friday Messaging Support & Guidance as you upgrade your mindset

Personalized Training Program: to give you a strong fitness foundation to help you feel comfortable in your movements & body

→ Unlimited Form Audits: to make sure you're progressing effectively & efficiently!

Personalized Nutrition Guidance: that will each you how to create a balanced so you will feel confident in your food choices

1:1 Weekly Check in to make sure we're on the same page each week

1 (30 min) Video Call to dive deep into our focus of the month. Whether it's working through difficult movements, talk through mindset blocks, or celebrating your victories

→ Restricted to Thriving Course to keep forever and have as support whenever you need it

I can't wait to connect & work closely with you to help you take your life from restricted to THRIVING ✨



"Quick & Easy Recipes"

Most recipes require just 5 ingredients!