Get To Know Me!

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Personal Hype-Woman

Get To Know Me!

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Personal Hype-Woman


Balanced Body

Treating your body with love and respect because it does SO MUCH for you and you only get one. 

Balanced Mind

Keeping your mind a safe space to be in where we talk to ourselves with encouragement. 

Balanced Life

Creating a life that you love to live. Finding balance rather than restriction.

My Education

B.S. Health Science & Nutrition 

2 Years NASM Nutrition Coach

5 Years NASM Certified Personal Trainer

My mission is to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

We are taught from a young age that less is more and that we need to shrink so that we can be accepted but not here. Here we use science and food freedom to get you the goals you've always tried to hit while also creating a good relationship with food your body.

Madison: When I first signed up at a gym, the intimidation & fear of failure were painfully daunting obstacles that I knew would make it extremely hard to achieve real, long-term, sustainable success. Noël took every level of this anxiety off my shoulder with ease - not only does her personality influence the individual to be their best in the gym (& at home), but she was able to completely transform my mentality towards food & exercise entirely. 

With a strong focus on nutritional balance & training towards goals (both losing & gaining weight), I was able to overcome food-fear, negative self-talk & destigmatize my perspective on progressive overload (heavy training). I win from body weight exercises to hip thrusting 225 lbs+ since beginning my work with her, which originally seemed like an unattainable goal. 

I am now fully confident alone in the gym & fully equipped with  the formal knowledge of nutrition & training to be my absolute best, courtesy of Noël. I definitely recommend choosing her as your personal hype-woman, because there is truly nobody more inspiring & positive when it comes to entering the "scary" world of exercise & nutrition. 

Kasey: I owe my new found love of taking care of my body to Noël! I've learned so much from her in the 6 months we trained together.

She's taken me to new heights, helping me to understand my body and teaching me how to fuel my body, how to move my body, and how to love my body in each stage of this journey. 

Noël has been there every step of the way, answering every single question I could think to throw at her, constantly cheering me on and checking in, and just being an absolute JOY to share this challenge with. She's been my coach as well as my friend. 

thank you for your immense effort and all of the love you've shown me. 

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I love being upside down!

I've been working on my handstands and variations for about 2 years now. I'm still learning!

I like to make food fun

Fun protein snacks to easy and quick meals! The food you eat should make you feel satisfied and full

I lift weights regularly!

I love the feeling of lifting heavy weights. Feeling strong and powerful. Now I get to help other feel the same!

I'm married to the love of my life

My husband and I have been married for about 2 years now!


I LOVE animals!

We have two cats and two dogs. But our goal is to have a farm to house all the old cats and chihuahuas.