3 Things That Make Fat Loss Easier

Dec 28, 2021

Diet culture wants you to think fat loss is really complicated. 

The more you fail - the more money you will spend on trying other quick fixes products so they set you up for failure!

But with what I have to share with you - you'll never have to fail again. 

1. STOP DIETING: You may find yourself saying "but I want to lose fat so I have to diet"

- Dieting actually doesn't work for sustainable weight loss. The point of most diets is that they are temporary. So wouldn't it make sense that so would the progress? Because when the time comes to stop your diet, you would just go right back to what you were doing previously. You don't know anything else! So instead of dieting - change your daily habits. If you change the habits that you do daily then there would be no end. You should find habits you enjoy so you can do them for the rest of your life. 

Example: Instead of cutting out carbs - get into the habit of eating balanced meals with carbs, fats, and protein. 

2. DON'T CUT OUT ANY FOODS:  You may find yourself saying "but I over eat that food so I shouldn't have it"

 You over eat that food because you don't eat that food. It's like when you tell someone not to do something... If they didn't want to do it before then they definitely want to do it now. If you never take that food away then it becomes like any other food - There when you want it but you don't feel like you have to eat it just because it's there. 

3. LIFT WEIGHTS: You may find yourself saying "but I don't want a lot of muscle" 

GIRL, our body is made up of 3 things - bone, fat, and muscle. If you don't want muscle, fat and you can't build super thick bones then what are you looking for? It is the muscle that gives us shape and "leanness" so you want to lift weights! 

Also, it takes being in a caloric deficit to lose fat and building muscle is a super efficient way to burn calories! 

Example: you burn calories doing cardio (running, elliptical, walking) and you also burn calories lifting weights. The difference is when you're done doing your cardio - you are no longer burning calories. But when you're done weight lifting - you are still burning calories because your body has to do work to repair and build your muscles. 


By making these 3 changes to your life - you'll find that it will improve your relationship with food and your body while making fat loss SO MUCH EASIER (not to mention, MAINTAINABLE!)

Making any kind of life change is not easy. Start by assessing your life and see which habits get you closer to where you want to be and which keep you stuck in your old ways. 

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