5 Habits That Will Improve Your Life TODAY

Dec 14, 2021

The habits that you do every single day are what creates your life! By adding in these 5 habits, you could improve your life TODAY! 


Do NOT be hard on yourself if implementing habits consistently is hard at first! You've been living life one way for so long that it's hard to switch it up and do something else! If you feel like it's overwhelming to implement all the habits at once, then just trying adding in one at a time, see how you feel and go from there!

  1. Talk to yourself with kindness  - You have to listen to yourself talk ALL DAY LONG. If it's negative and horrible things then you're not going to have a good day. We look in the mirror and point out all the things that we hate before we even think about what we love. It put us in a really dark head space.. but if you talk to yourself in a loving and supportive way then there isn't anything you won't be able to do. 
  2. Move daily - We sit a lot. Let's face it. Most of us have a mostly sedentary job and that's ok! Although, that just means you'll have to get your movement in when you're off. Prioritizing movement is important because a body in motion STAYS IN MOTION! Even if it's just a walk up and down you hallway, stretching on the floor, or getting up and setting down repeatedly - anythings is better than nothing!
  3. Drink enough water - it's rare that you drink too much water. It's more common that we say "I drink enough water" but are actually NOT drinking enough because we just don't keep track and are just going by feeling. Get an idea of how much water you drink! There are 128 oz in a gallon and it is recommended that we drink women about 92 oz. Although, this can vary depending on how active you are or if you workout outside!
  4. Have a sleep schedule - starting tonight, choose a time to go to sleep and a time to wake up then stick to it! Your body loves knowing what to expect and having regularity. This will also help ensure that you get enough hours of sleep each night! There are so many reasons why you should prioritize your sleep but mainly because your body heals while it sleeps! It needs you to turn off so it can take care of itself. 
  5. Have an eating schedule - regular eating means regular digestive system! And we all love to poop regularly. By eating at the same time everyday then you are helping your body create consistency. If you're consistent, you'll notice that your body will start to expect food at those times. If you're the type of person that says they're not hungry for breakfast so they don't eat in the morning, if you start eating something little then you you can work up that habit! If you normally wait to eat till 12 pm to eat one day, then 8 am the next, and 2 pm the day after then your body will be all over the place!

Don't underestimate the LITTLE CHANGES!

"But Noël, the big life changes are the ones that show progress more quickly!"

You have to ask yourself: Do you want quick progress? OR Do you want sustainable and maintainable progress? 

Little changes are amazing because you are more likely to maintain and keep doing them rather than big, life changing changes. It's the changes that change your life drastically and right away that you don't stick with. You drop them when they become too uncomfortable and go right back to what you were doing. 

Instead of going through the painful process of jumping on and falling off  "the wagon", recreate the wagon in a way you enjoy so you never have to fall off again.

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