The PRESSURE you put on your self to lose weight

May 09, 2022

Is enough to make you not lose weight at all. 


It's not always something we think about when it comes to losing weight but it really is such a big part of it. 

When our body is in a state of stress that puts us in "fight or flight" mode. When this happens our digestive system slows so we don't have to poop while we're running away from danger. This comes in handy when we're experiencing danger and need to either fight back or escape... but not in everyday life.  

So what does stress look like? 


constant worrying

putting unnecessary pressure on yourself (ex. being perfect/looking a certain way/stressing about things you can't control)


These are just a few things that can put extra stress on our bodies. I say extra stress because a little is needed! But too much can cause long lasting issues such as: 

High blood pressure

Hair loss

Lowered immune system 


All of this to say: 


 And take care of yourself. 

 Pressuring and stressing about losing weight will not get you there more quickly. It will only ruin your mind and hurt your body. 

I want to remind you that you are more than enough right this very moment so there is no rush to lose weight. 

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