Is Cleaner & Lower Calorie Always Better?

Jul 11, 2022

Happy Monday!


Today you might be thinking: “I need to start eating cleaner, lower calorie things to start my weight loss journey” 

If that’s you, I’m going to stop you right there because that is now how you achieve maintainable weight loss. 

But I will share with you what does work ;) 


Start by changing what you view as healthy. Let’s break down what “cleaner and lower calorie” actually mean.


CLEANER FOODS - for real, I’m not sure what most people mean when they use this phrase. I’ve seen people say clean foods are unprocessed foods but then eat some kale chips that are clearly processed to be chip shaped. Whole Foods only? Then why do they put them through a food processor to turn them from one thing into another? 

 Ask yourself: what do I mean when I say clean food? And is it really something I can realistically do and maintain? 

  Change your view from cleaner foods = better foods to cleaner foods = not a thing. The best foods for me are ones that make me feel good and get closer to my goals.


LOWER CALORIE FOODS - first, ask yourself: what do I mean when I say low calorie? Do I even know how many calories I’m supposed to have in a day or am I just cutting them willy nilly? Because really you don’t need “lower calorie” foods. You need a balanced blend of foods that make you satisfied/feel good while also getting you closer to where you want to be. 

 → Change your view from lower calorie meaning more/faster weight loss to lower calorie = binging, hunger, slower metabolism and unsustainable weight loss.

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