Walking is enough!

Feb 25, 2022

Sometimes doing a whole workout is daunting and intimidating!

Leaving the house, getting in the car, checking in, doing the thing, and then driving all the way home. I've been there and I know! That's why your girl does home work outs LOL 

But the thing about us as people is we want all or nothing. We want that hard, in the gym workout because that's what we see on the internet so we feel like if our workout doesn't look like that then it won't get the job done. OR that doesn't end up happening so we settle for doing nothing because what's the point of trying if it's not going to be everything we imagined it would be? 

That is not true. Something is always better than nothing. 

We are SO FUNNY. We want to achieve our goals - of course - but we have this voice in our head that is constantly telling us that we aren't able to do it and sometimes we give in and believe that. Doing nothing rather than doing something is giving up and letting that voice win. 

So we walk. We don't give up. We move.

Instead of staying in that one spot and never moving forward, we get up off the couch and we take that step. 

Hey! Even if a walk feels like too much, there are so many things you can do from the comfort of your own home that will have you moving towards a more active you. 


- laying down and stretching

- standing and stretching

- just standing up and sitting down on the couch for 10 min

- inchworm (exampled in the video)


If it's accountability you lack then I can help you there too! Always feel free to reach out and ask questions because I'm here for you :) 

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